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peetaellark: "Can I say One Direction?? Just for the sake of our obsession <3"

you can xD I’ll actually do it xD

  • Favorite character - Louis Tomlinson
  • Character I would sleep with - Zayn Malik xD
  • Character I would be good friends with - Harry Styles
  • Least favorite character - well, if I HAVE TO say someone it’d be Liam but I like them all.
  • Favorite episode - Tell Me a Lie
  • Favorite season - Up All Night xD
  • Favorite relationship - Larry Stylinson 
  • Least favorite relationship - Niall and Louis xD

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  1. peetaellark said: Why can’t I reblog this. why why why! xD Favourite season: Up all night. ROLF. I love you Radi. That’s it. <3
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